Project results

Here you can find the project results or their respective versions as they are finalized. You are most welcome to browse and particularly USE them in your own pedagogical, research and/or development work.


Learn Howto.IDEATE with the TOOLKIT

See for yourself  // in the IDEATE toolkit!

Collected Videos

Album of videos from the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course — 12 so far, to be gradually populated with further experience reports and opinions of students, jurors and teachers.



Newsletter N°1 | Interdisciplinary & Entrepreneurial
Newsletter N°2 | Developing the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course
Newsletter N°3 | Successful implementations of student and teacher intensive entrepreneurial courses
Newsletter N°4 | Starting the process for the second and last round of Intensive Learning
Newsletter N°5 | After the first round of IDEATE Intensive Learning 2016 in Turku, Finland


Intensive Learning Project Results

Intensive Learning Workpackage Final Evaluation
Read more on why all participants (students, teachers and business mentors) found it worth wile to participate in such a trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural course and all students would recommend such module or course to a friend!

Intensive Learning 2015 Final Pitches
Full video-documents of the pitches by two teams in the 2015 course piloting: would you rather invest into “Cheftastic” or “LarPro”?!

  1. IDEATE | Cheftastic final pitch

  2. IDEATE | LarPro final pitch

IDEATE Intensive Learning 2015  Course Intro
Brief overview of backgrounds, aims and the structure of the interdisciplinary course, as piloted within the IDEATE project in February/March 2015.

IDEATE Intensive Learning 2015 Course Programme
Detailed pedagogical scenario and programme of the interdisciplinary course, as piloted within the IDEATE project in February/March 2015.

Resources for Students’ Intensive Learning 2015 Toolkit v1
Online articles, blogs and webinars that the students were mentored into using within the IDEATE course piloting in February/March 2015.

CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS – local and country reports for Slovenia, Lithuania, the UK and Finland
This reports package describes concrete possibilities for students and even mentors — after being involved in the IDEATE intensive learning course — to test their innovation skills and ideas in practice are described in the reports package . They also give a comprehensive overview of innovation and entrepreneurship platforms and initiatives in each of the countries.

Teacher Training Project Results

IDEATE Teacher Training TOOLKIT v2
This is the second version of the toolkit that the IDEATE-trained teachers have been using during (and after) their up-skiling — and not least in their own innovation-boosting courses.

IDEATE Teacher Training Brochure v1
This is the interim version of the comprehensive guidance for training of teachers that will be able to introduce innovation-supporting  methodologies and materials into their teaching.

IDEATE Teacher Training TOOLKIT v1
This is the interim version of the toolkit that the IDEATE-trained teachers will be using during (and after) their up-skiling – and not least in their own innovation-boosting courses.

IDEATE Teacher Training Toolkit Appendix v1
Wonder what methods to apply with the toolkit? This appendix shows how to best use it in order to achive the best results — within and without the IDEATE course.


Validation Project Results

Reflective Summary on Validation of an Interdisciplinary Module
Final Conclusions on accrediting the IDEATE Module throughout the particiating universities

Lessons Learned in the Validation of an Interdisciplinary Module
A Critical Analysis and Comparative Report of the IDEATE Validation Process.

Summary of the Findings of the Focus Groups held at each partners’ HEI
What are the different realities, possibilities and expectations as regards interdisciplinary approaches to introducing innovation into university courses?


IDEATE Visual Design Products

The project developed a series of visual products including: a project identity and accompanying ID guidelines, stationery and promotion material. These visual elements have been used throughout the project’s lifetime in all necessary documents, presentations, galleries, etc. Below are the relevant document files.

IDEATE Identity (vector):

IDEATE Identity Styles and Brand Guideline:

    Styles contain all specifications of the IDEATE identity, including CMYK, PMS, RGB and HEX colour modes and typography weights.
  • IDEATE ID Brand Guideline
    The IDEATE Brand Guideline contains all specification and the use of elements including the background information, variations of the logotype, use of the logotype, logotype icons, usage of the logotype, colours, typography styles, and the use of the IDEATE identity on stationery and promotion material.

IDEATE Stationery:

IDEATE Promotion:



Analytics reports

This section contains the analytics from social media used during the project. There include: Vimeo channel specific to IDEATE video outputs, MailChimp specific to IDEATE newsletters and Facebook primarily for Intensive Learning (IL) picture gallery posts from from Manchaster (2015), Nova Gorica (2015), Turku (2016) and Vilnius (2016).