IDEATE Intensive Course in Vilnius. Photo by Aiste-Dringelyte


September 29, 2016 - Uncategorized

As the IDEATE project draws to a close it is time to reflect on what the project has achieved and what it leaves behind as a legacy to its stakeholders. IDEATE aimed to explore the use of interdisciplinary and transversal education to deliver entrepreneurial skills, and therefore better prepare students to meet the economic and social challenges of employment in the real world.

What were the lessons learned? What problems did the project encounter? What does it leave behind? What will be the future impact and exploitation resulting from all this work?

All these questions and more will be answered through the project outputs, and will be relevant to IDEATE’s key stakeholders – educators, employers and students, as well as the wider public. So, please, read on, browse, consult the toolbox at // and above all — keep ideating!

By Rosemary Borup, Staffordshire University, UK

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