IDEATE Intensive Learning Course in Turku. Photo by Peter Purg


September 29, 2016 - business / students / teachers

Educational innovations which nurture open and eager approach to new knowledge and empower students to create new products and services, are of interest to business in raising employees for need of future business life. The heads of creative departments from dynamic start-ups to global industrial giants (such as Apple, Disney or Siemens) will get to understand the key results of the IDEATE project, at the 10th annual “Front End of Innovation” (FEI) conference, on 5-7 October 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The presentation of Peter Purg from the IDEATE team will rationalize to business representatives that efficient entrepreneurial attitudes and true innovation spirit can be nurtured and developed, as long as these processes are well structured and conducted by competent interdisciplinary educational teams. And especially, they seem to bear most valuable results if conducted in international, mixed settings! The presentation will prove that such curricula, tools and models as developed within the IDEATE project may present one of the keys to a bright future of education and innovation. More information about the FEI TRANSFORMATION THROUGH INNOVATION conference By Vesa Hautala, University of Turku, Finland

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