September 29, 2016 - business / teachers

The international conference IIT 2016Innovative Information Technologies for Science, Business and Education - presents an ideal platform for IDEATE project’s ultimate acts of exploitation, aimed at new cooperations in  implementing entrepreneurial practices and curricula.

Participating at this conference, the IDEATE project partners will have a valuable opportunity to advocate the project ideas and practices, sharing them with like-minded professionals, keen on exploring new innovative solutions in both education and business. Guest speakers and participants are expected from Lithuanian business enterprises, partner institutions in Finland, Belorussia, Latvia, United Kingdom, Poland and other countries. The key issues to be covered in presentations and discussions include: what are key driving forces which encourage entrepreneurial oriented initiative; what experience has been earned putting entrepreneurial initiatives in practice; how education and business can contribute encouraging entrepreneurial  spirit; what means and actions can help to reveal entrepreneurship-relevant competences; how to boost entrepreneurship-supportive innovation, from European perspective.

More information about the conference taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania, November 10-11, 2016, at