IDEATE IL2 Turku 2016

Warming up at IDEATE Intensive Learning 2 in Turku!

February 29, 2016 - students / teachers

Between February and April 2016, the second iteration of the IDEATE Intensive Learning programme will take place in Turku, Finland, Vilnius, Lithuania and online. Supported by local mentors, a total of 16 students from four schools in Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia in the UK will first meet in a structured online activity to autonomously explore a selected timely and challenging topic.

Students are being introduced and lead through several tasks of selected topical materials, to eventually find the actual problems/opportunities within the topic. After two weeks of online collaboration, they all met on 28. February 2016 for the first 4-day face-to-face workshop in Finland to build international and interdisciplinary teams around 4 (sub)topics, refined by the mentors from their online responses. During the entire course students keep a learning diary, based on a provided template and a set of instructions.

At the first workshop students develop knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship through a series of exercises and short presentations. They brainstorm within the team, explore personas and gradually clarify their research plan for the first presentation. The viability of the presented ideas and the research plan, as well as the quality of the presentation itself is commented by mentors, external experts and peers, followed by the first workshop evaluation.

After this, students leave for home to research their topics, refine and evolve ideas deeper and further, and meet up again end of March in Vilnius, Lithuania. There their projects take up more robust entrepreneurial shape, presenting their actual real-life potential—again, to a group of mentors and external evaluators.

By Peter Purg

Image: First IDEATEion meeting at Intensive Learning 2016 Turku, Finland. Photo: Peter Purg

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