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Starting the Seed of Change in Staffordshire University

October 14, 2015 - business / teachers

“The IDEATE teacher training made Entrepreneurship more applicable to my discipline,” stated one of the participants in the IDEATE teacher training in the feedback. This shows the training achieved to bring Entrepreneurship relevant to the participants.

The students regardless of their discipline need entrepreneurial skills in their future work life. First, they should take initiative and responsibility that is to be enterprising. Second, most of them will work in companies and they should know the rationale behind enterprise. Third, some of them even become entrepreneurs themselves. These three topics are all perspectives to the Entrepreneurial Education.

The Staffordshire University hosted the IDEATE teacher training on August 26-27, 2015. The training was fourth and final organised by the IDEATE project supporting the transformation of the high education to implement to entrepreneurial education in higher education.

The training gathered 15 participants from 4 faculties and 8 schools across the university. The participants were teaching in 10 undergraduate awards (BSc or BA study programmes) and 4 postgraduate awards (MSc or MA study programmes).

The teacher training was an opportunity for entrepreneurial minded teachers to network with each other and share experiences. In the end of the training the participants made concrete plans to keep contact and cooperate with each other in the future over the disciplines. The change has begun.

By Vesa Hautala

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