September’s IDEATE Meeting in Vilnius

October 14, 2015 - business / students / teachers

Between the 8. and 12. September 2015 the IDEATE consortium met at the 6th regular project meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania to discuss the third and final year of the international project IDEATE: HighTech – Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies.

The topics, among others of more organisational nature (the project’s progress, budget review, discussions about completed and not-yet competed deliverables, recapping on stakeholders, etc.), were to plan the so called Cohort 2: the 4×4 students from 4 countries to experience the second year of Intensive Learning in Turku, Finland in late February and in Vilnius, Lithuania in late March. At the meeting we also discussed the toolkit for entrepreneurial education proposed by Mitja Mausar – “How to IDEATE”.

While the hospitality in Vilnius set the bar higher still, the meeting was intense, informative and productive. Mitja Mavsar’s online toolkit draft of “How to IDEATE” was accepted, discussed and improved to the stage where the actual building of the website final and crucial additions can begin – and have begun later in September 2015.

The most important planning session focussed on the Intensive Learning for the second cohort, happening in Turku, Finland between 28. February and 3. March 2016, and Vilnius, Lithuania between 20. and 24. March 2016. The consortium unanimously agreed on this year’s topic, which, for the time being, is remaining a secret due to forthcoming student applications and committee selections commencing in November 2015. The team also worked hard on adjusting the schedule of the forthcoming sessions and managed to shrink the proceedings by 20%, alleviating already tightening budget as well as saving on time spent abroad both for students and staff – but still keep, if not expand on the efficiency of the module!

The meeting ended on a very positive note, full of expectations, clearer thoughts and brighter drafts, as well as actions assigned by and to the members of the consortium. The meeting broke in expectation of the next Skype meeting on 4. November 2015 and the next general meeting in Turku, Finland in the late February 2016.

By Metod Blejec

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