Developing the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course

January 25, 2015 - students / teachers

by Peter Purg, University of Nova Gorica

The collaboration in developing the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course has so far been fairly successful in gradually developing the intensive learning course, as an essential and pivotal output of the project. All targets are being met to safely conduct the first complete piloting of the course in February through April 2015, which will be subsided by the second piloting (with different disciplines and advanced methodologies) in 2016.

In the second project year the entire project consortium (that had first worked commonly on the initial intensive learning development phase) constituted a dedicated workgroup that consists of teachers who will be involved in the first course piloting. This way it is possible to better focus on micro-tasks involved in the planning of the course as well as map and bundle each other’s contributions. The rest of the entire project team is kept informed and contributes materials, suggestions and judgments as needed.

In the beginning the project consortium compared relevant curricula, cultural, institutional and national contexts, revised the validation and accreditation protocols as well as observed the best existing practices on entrepreneurial education in interdisciplinary context. A first draft of the course syllabus gradually emerged (most notably in the first common workshop at the project meeting in Stoke, UK, February 2014), followed by a multi-stage fine-tuning of the course syllabus to be kept compatible with the four respective education systems and cultures of the involved institutions and countries.

The next multi-day project meeting in Turku (FI) in October 2014 brought a leap onward in consolidating the syllabus and discussing all crucial aspects of the first pilot implementation. The course’s curricular structure has been consolidated, and the implementation is already articulated in a blended learning setting online that involves detailed didactic programming and assessment articulation. Materials and teaching methods details have been consolidated among the 5 involved teachers/mentors for the first cohort and prepared for the recent January 19 kickoff online. Students are now part of the course and have plunged into the(ir) first IDEATE.me experience, with the first face-to-face meeting (residential) to happen in the end of February in Manchester (UK) and a month later in Gorica (Slovenia).

Check here the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course 2015 Intro and Programme

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