Lesson Learned on IDEATE Teacher Training November 7 – 8, 2014, Turku

December 23, 2014 - teachers

by Vesa Hautala and Kaisu Paasio

The first IDEATE Teacher Training was held in Turku to 15 participants. The training was marketed as staff training about how to use participative and interactive teaching methods to enhance Entrepreneurial behaviour of students. The training was marketed to staff of the University of Turku on the intranet sites and by e-mails. The e-mails recommending the training to individuals or a small group turned out to work well.

The training covered issues in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial education by using 12 different entrepreneurial teaching methods in total. The idea was to give the participants an experience on the teaching methods, which they could use later in their own teaching. The feed-back survey showed that the participant valued the learning of new teaching methods. Some of the teaching methods worked well with the target audience. The ones which did not work will be replaced by new methods in coming trainings.

The feedback survey also revealed that the participants valued the discussion with fellow teachers. Therefore, enough time will be allocated to discussions in the next trainings. The lecturing will be reduced to minimum. The participants will also be given possibility to share their experiences in Entrepreneurial Education by introducing their best practices. The online compendium could be utilized more during the training.

Some concepts, such as Entrepreneurship phenomenon and Entrepreneurship Education, were difficult issues to absorb. More time should be allocated on them. New methods should be considered such as the entrepreneur interview. The teacher’s role in education was seen as an important theme by the participants and it will be covered in the coming trainings as well.


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