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December 23, 2014 - students / teachers

At the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts we are very much looking forward to the first (February 2015) Manchester mobility event of IDEATE — both with ease and excitement:

Our somewhat leaned-back attitute may owe to the fact that in the recent EU-supported project we (co)coordinated or lead a total of 13 mobility events in 3 years, pertaining to 7 different course models (c.f. MOBILITIES @ADRIART). The above photogallery witnesses some telling moments captured within these events and beyond (the last one only recently in November 2014) — presumingly at least hinting at the found fact that blending different cultures and (artistic) disciplines brings about not only a challenging collaboration atmosphere, but also interesting (and viable!) results plus a whole lot of hi-quality learning happening on the fly.

Interdisciplinarity at these mobility courses indeed was not as radical as anticipated combinations of biotech, art, business and ICT in the Yet we can readily claim that there is already a certain risk (and a need for careful moderation!) when bringing together a film-buff/-director wannabe with an contemporary-art gallery dweller. Plus, we can now use a couple of tested didactic/managerial models at hand — after the ADRIART experience we could say that the white box can make the black cube shine out in a rainbow, but only if one can secure the right blend of intuitive and programmed didactics, all transparently laid out upon a level playfield of education.

How to strike that balance between a not-too-rigid and then again a not-overly-lax didactic approach (as e.g. discussed in this ARTICLE @ADRIART) will surely be one of the great challenges of (as well). Within this topic, we suggest to check on the LESSONS LEARNED @ADRIART for an array of practical examples shows how this mobility-based project reflected its own experience - and IDEATE can surely learn from ADRIART’s mistakes and empowerments!

Currently in the IDEATE project, the team of mentors is heaping up (and boiling down) a range of questionnaires and other methods to gather student (and teacher!) feedback — two will already be implemented in Manchester (UK) in order to define the fine-tuning of the Nova Gorica/Gorica (SI/IT) mobility event in March. Which will then infuse the next leap of the IDEATE course implementation in the next-year’s pilot that will be happening in Turku (FI) and Vilnius (LI), on a greatly improved level and involving even more challenging disciplinary combinations!

Supporting each other in delivering keynotes as short frontal presentations in the mobility event itself and jointly mentoring student groups both online and in situ, “innovation mentors” of IDEATE will gradually learn how to understand each other and collaborate as interdisciplinaries, with an aim to both generate as well as question the high postulate of entrepreneurship — and how then to close this vicious loop with the actors from the industry sector…

Text by Peter Purg
Photo selection by Tina Smrekar
Photos by: Mark Bizilj, Lavoslava Benčić, Tomislav Brajnović, Stefano Katunar, Peter Mišic, Iva Musović, Peter Purg, Sara Salamon, Daša Sirk, Matej Turk, Valerija Zabret

BoB, Gorica, 2014

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