The first Teacher Training

October 1, 2014 - teachers

by Vesa Hautala & Kaisu Paasio

Here in Turku we are already very excited to start a new phase in the IDEATE project. The first of the four teacher training events is about to kick off next Tuesday, including our project partners from Lithuania, UK and Slovenia.. The IDEATE Teacher Training programme is designed to enable educators to enhance their abilities in realizing their students’ interdidiplinary innovation potential through entrepreneurial education.

You cannot teach entrepreneurship without being entrepreneurial yourself. We believe the same applies to the entrepreneurial education. You should demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour by seeing new opportunities, seizing them, believing yourself and tolerating some risks – which is all we actually are trying do in the IDEATE project.

One could say we have taken some risks with the teacher training: the programme is built to provide knowledge in entrepreneurial education, but in the same time to give an experience to the participating educators on the entrepreneurial teaching methods as students. The participants should get a first-hand experience on the teaching methods they could use in their own teaching – quite a challenging situation of learning to teach while being taught!

Soon we will see how this training works. Do the educators want to experience the entrepreneurial teaching method as students at all? Do these methods help them to better understand entrepreneurial education? We believe so. We will take the risk of doing things in the new way – and will keep you posted here on our advancements!


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